10 Absolutely Irritating Aspects of Traveling


1. Airport Security


This needs to be the most irritating aspect of travel. It is evident security authorities at airports have a tough task to do. They are supposed to be the first line of defense versus a possible attack on a plane. With the method one gets treated when going through airport security, some paranoia begins to set in because one is left to wonder if these security officials covertly dislike you for having enough discretionary earnings to go on a vacation. With burly airport officials barking orders at you like; "Take off your shoes!!", "Put your bags through the screener again!!", "Sorry you have to dispose of your water bottle!!!" hence making it an unpleasant experience for anyone taking a trip. It only adds fuel to the fire to discover later on that during random audits of the performance of the airport security process, 95 % of banned items make it past the screeners. You begin to feel justified in your paranoia and desire you have the ability to give a personal jet quicker instead of later.


2. Fulfilling Someone Awesome On the Last Day of Your Vacation


You are sitting down in the typical location of your hostel or the lobby of your hotel, complete stranger visits and you individuals strike up a conversation, you discover this individual is in fact kind of cool. They find out you are at the end of your vacation and welcome you out to check out the city one more time. You guys have a blast and they simply went from kind of cool to "sibling from another mom or sister from another mister". The problem is that the individual is from Canada and you are from ... say Thailand. If this person stayed in the same city as you maybe this would have been your new friend. They live 6,000 miles away and apart from adding them on Facebook and sneaking on their images afterwards you will certainly most likely never ever have much contact with them once more.


3. Not Understanding the Local Language


It is generally a gesture of goodwill and some cultural sensitivity to learn a couple of expressions of the regional language of your location of option, but if you are on a multi-country trip you begin mixing up expressions from various languages then you sound much more silly than you would have if you did not trouble trying at all.


4. Validating Your Visit to Curious Locals


Throughout my last journey to one of the Baltic States, the residents seemed really shocked that anybody would travel so far to visit their nation. I was inquired relentlessly by the residents attempting to see if there were any ulterior intentions for me desiring to see their country.


5. Getting Scammed.


There is nothing that ruins travel plans like getting scammed while you are on vacation. The Eastern European states are infamous for attractive ladies waiting outside bars for young testosterone filled men, and after that getting them to buy drinks for these women. This usually results in the men getting charged lots of money and after that getting threatened for payment. The circumstance normally takes a dark turn where the males find themselves at the grace of overbearing bouncers gazing them down madly while they withdraw significant amounts from their ATM accounts to pay for the drinks they supposedly purchased at the club. Another scam that is tiring originates from cab driver in foreign countries charging unlucky travelers inflated rates for trips to and from anywhere in your location nation.


6. Overcrowded Hostel Dorms


To top it all off, the adorable British girl that appeared interested in you when you first arrived has actually found a more interesting guy from France and now they are having sex on your leading bunk. Ouch!! After 2 weeks of this, you choose possibly it is a great concept to cut the journey short and airbnb it from this point on.


7. Getting Lost


Even with the introduction of mobile apps like Here or Google Maps it is still possible to obtain ridiculously lost while overseas. The street signs might be in a language you don't comprehend or the city could just be constructed in a way that leaves any individual brand-new to it puzzled. Getting lost is never any enjoyable and might minimize even the worldliest traveler in a pool of tears from time to time. Discover more about mrs o around the world at www.mrsoaroundtheworld.com .




We need not state more, however still, this has to be the most frustrating part of travel, well apart from not having unlimited cash to travel completely. There is absolutely nothing fun at all about having to linger in the airport for a flight that is delayed or canceled.


9. Not Being Able To Travel on a Permanent Basis


There are lots of individuals still attempting to figure this one out. You go overseas and you simply do not desire your journey to end so you start aiming to figure out a way making it long-term. You begin a travel blog site and hope you get enough traffic to sustain your way of life on the roadway just to see a balance of $7.48 in your AdWords account after a year of composing top quality blog posts. How about simply working for a travel publication on a freelance basis? You find that is possibly a smart idea until they inform you they want to pay you in tweets. You lastly understand gallivanting around the globe on an irreversible basis is an advantage only a few will certainly ever get to enjoy then you return home and settle for 14 days a year similar to everyone else.




You had a blast while you were traveling, you got to discover that in spite of exactly what the news and perhaps your parents need to say, the world is really filled with outstanding people, terrific cultures, food, and a virtually limitless amount of things to see. Then you understand you need to go back to your ordinary life back home then you begin counting the hours, minutes, and seconds hoping somehow the good times will not end. Sadly they do and you have to board the flight or train back home.